American history was traditionally taught as the story of white guys and their freedom. The whitewashing of atrocities and invisibility of women and people of color has decreased somewhat in recent years, but not enough according to some.

Maarten van den Heuvel from

Controversial efforts such as The 1619 Project seek to radically change the…

New Englanders think Southerners are all the same. And Southerners think Yankees are all the same.

So I guess we’re even. Or maybe we’re more alike than we think.

© Dave DuBay. Lincolnville, Maine after thawing out.

Florida, 1985

I was 12 the first time we moved to Florida — to which I’ve returned after a three decades absence.


American authoritarianism is usually thought of as right wing and related to fascism. In some cases that’s true. But it’s an oversimplification.

What we’re seeing today is, in part, a struggle between left and right wing illiberalism.

© Dave DuBay

Fascism arose in 20th century Europe, but American authoritarianism goes back to the…

Twitter wars can be instructive. A progressive journalist once blocked me because I claimed that equality means that anti-white male prejudice is wrong too. What, exactly, does this journalist think equality is?

Recently, an argument between two writers I enjoy for their nuance, Cathy Young and Ally Fogg, caught my…

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